Time to renovate
Move it all outside RIGHT NOW!
Make room for the New
Poetry defined
Thoughts on paper, ink-written
Snapshot of my soul
I smoke animal
Perfume dazzles neighbor's nose
Knock on door to mooch
Magic cloud flower
Did ape warm my coffee? Wake!
Morning star blazes
Heal this heart-bleed thing
Window of eternity
From God's sacred son
Men give women laugh
But brilliant woman explore
Where ocean kiss sky
Feline worry dance
A secret fish universe
Wild night celebrate
Blue-green candy glass
Belly joy for the present
Slow linger-poison
Self-listen fever:
"Remember me in marble"
Vision prisoner
Hermann Park still new
Today I found a treasure
Japanese Garden
Used cups in the car
Aches, pain in my lower back
Evidence of boys
Bus, taxi, Uber
A wonderful, faithful friend
Barrel of butter
New tool comes around
Test it immediately
This haiku? No point
Tempted as others
God's faithful: you CAN stand, or
Exit sign well lit
Want to see the Lord?
Let Him purify your heart
You will be most blessed
Do His instructions
Joy follows integrity
(Nothing else to add)
With integrity
One step after another
Sons follow my walk
Ten Commands received
Moses descended the mount
Shining from Sonburn
He who has the gold
No World, you've confused the rule
Do unto others
Detests lying lips
Please, Lord, look on my heart and
see the truth: Your Son
Haiku writing goal:
More than M. Basho's thousands
A long way to go
Make someone's morning
Free gift that returns to you
Contagious joy-smile
Lots of light this week
Already wrote about that
It's worth repeating
In the darkness: "Light!"
The Lord shining in our hearts
Glorious Image
A shepherd for lamb
Bride for coin, father for sons
Seeker Trilogy